Getting Started with Selenium in Intellij

This is the install instructions on how to setup your machine for the Getting Started with Selenium WorkShop.

Here is how you import the getting started project into Intellij.

  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Unzip zip file
  3. Open Intellij and you show see a window like this: Intellij Welcome Screen

  4. Click on Import Project Import Project

  5. Navigate to the directory on you computer where you unzipped the project and select it Naviagate and Select Unzipped Project

  6. Click Open
  7. Click the radio button Import project from external model and select Maven from the list then click Next Select External Model

  8. Click the two checkboxes Search for project recursively and Import Maven projects automatically. It should look like this: Make Intellij do the Heavy Lifting

  9. Click Next
  10. You should now see a list of maven projects. Leave them all selected and click Next Import All Maven Projects

  11. If this is the first time using Intellij you will see a screen asking which SDK to use. Click on the + button. Add SDK

  12. If you have a JDK installed you will see a screen similar to this one just click on Open SDK Directory

    Intellij automatically looks for JDKs that are installed on you machine in the default locations.

  13. The project SDK screen will look like this at this point and click Next SDK Selected

  14. The wizard will now ask what do you want to name it, just leave the defaults and click Finish Select Default Project Name and Location

  15. Intellij will now open and import all of the files. After a few minutes it should look like this. Intellij is Ready to Go

  16. Congrats you are ready for the workshop!