Continuous Improvement on Automation

Continuous Improvement on Automation

Is your day filled with the same-old stuff every day? Do you want to expand your skill set and improve your current setup?

This guide will help you find areas that can be improved to make your day more productive and get more stuff done.

In the software development world there are all of these talks of Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery, Testing and on and on. While they are all good practices they all boil down to once singular concept.

Continuous Improvement

They are all there to support the idea of iterating on the best so far and make it better. Not a lot of companies are great at this, but you are not company. You are a person and you can constantly improve yourself. This book is going to go into the multiple ways to use your current skill set and improve them to get more out of life.

Already have selenium experience? Do you have dashboards showing off the latest test reports and can show the current production performance of key metrics?

Oh you already have that dashboard. Do you have predictive models showing off a future prediction?

How about I show you how to develop all of these things.

They keyword there is show. Yes that means videos will be included.

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