Selenium Hacks

After a couple of the had to bow out at the last minute, I was asked to fill in one of the speaking slots.

So with only 26 hours notice I pulled this presentation off the shelves and dusted it off.

Since when are things as simple as they should be…

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Fun With Fluent Testing

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge on fluent testing which I have found the most effective way of writing a maintainable test suite is by using the fluent pattern. The fluent interface provides an object oriented way to write readable code. This is generally done using method chaining. Method chaining has your methods return the next set of actions that the user can do. So instead of trying to find that one class that you need in your test your IDE will tell you what you can do next. The other aspects of the fluent pattern includes inline assertions and abstractions. Doing this will keep your tests easy, concise and pleasant to the eye, without having to start over.

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Selenium Tips And Tricks

This was my first presentation that I did at a conference and it was a blast! I presented the following slide deck in record time. I wanted my presentation to be fun an invigorating since I had been promoting this presentation for the entire week. So I had everyone as soon as they learn something new to raise their hand with the goal to get everyone to learn something. I am fairly certain I got everyone to raise their hands at least once but it was hard to keep track of everyone.