Why Devops is Wrong

Why Devops is Wrong

Devops is a misleading word since it implies development and operations working together to build a better product. Yet the only way to build a better product is constantly improve the quality of the product, so the real-ish word that we should be using is devqaops(qadevops?) instead of devops.

But that is hard to pronounce. It is but it is a better embodiment of what that the whole devops process is about. The whole purpose of devops is to get builds into production faster. The only way to do that reliably is to verify the quality of the product constantly which is only done when the testing is, not just performed but integrated with the build pipeline.

Maybe the build pipeline should have a more descriptive title than it currently does in this devops world.

Maybe we should stop seeing devops as the new kid on the block and more as the new standard development practice. Let’s just call it how we all do business.

I personally do see it as the new standard especially as we move more and more technologies into the cloud. I mean devops is bringing operations and developers closer together. But more has to be done from the testing aspect.

In this day of instantaneous consumerism if a new app comes out and has a lot of bugs with it, guess what happens. Everyone uninstalls it and movs on to the next thing.

It happened even with ‘Pokemon Go’ it was a wild success for a few weeks then died because of the inherent bugs that frustrated everyone.

In light of that failure, shouldn’t there be more testing for everyone?

What about the the vunerabilities in the webcams that brought down the internet in the United States of America?

Shouldn’t there be more testing?

What do you think?

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