Not a Geek to Automation Engineer Express

After meeting a bunch of great people at StarEast 2016. I noticed 2 trends. The first being a fair number of people saying that they have tried Selenium and failed and were looking for some other automation product. The other trend which I am more focused on is that there were a large number of attendees that still want to learn the nitty gritty details of Selenium since that was what everyone was talking about. This group inspired me to come up a start to end guide of sorts on becoming not just a Selenium Test Engineer but an Automation Engineer.

Now this may sound presumptuous but being an automation engineer is just applying logic to the everyday tasks that you do. That being said there is a bit of difficulty since you have to want to learn constantly since the tech field is constantly evolving.

Getting Started

Once you understand this one thing, computers and programming will make a lot more sense.

Computers are fast and stupid.

Yes computers are dumb. There I said it. You think that computers are smart, well they aren’t. They are like kids who have just learned enough to repeat anything you tell them too. Yes there is machine learning that makes computers creepy smart about us but on the whole they are still dumber than us, since “Skynet” is not yet active. You may also be thinking that the individual apps are smart in what they do but that is occurring since the app was coded to do that one specific goal flawlessly, hopefully.

Garbage in, Garbage out.

Interested in Learning More?

The topics that are covered will be at least the following:

  1. HTML Pages
  2. How the Web works (more than just servers)
  3. Programming and programming concepts for Java, C# and Pyton
  4. Continuous Integration/Deployment with Jenkins and or TeamCity
  5. Configuration Management
  6. Selenium/Webdriver/Appium best practices
  7. Performance Testing
  8. Load Testing
  9. Many more to come as time progresses

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