AWS and Cloud 9

AWS and Cloud 9

Cloud 9 recently announced that they have been acquired by Amazon Web Services. This is a normal operation of Amazon but I see it as a bigger move as well continue reading to find out why I see this as a bigger move.

If you don’t know what Cloud 9 is here is a short description of their services. They allow developers to create development environments completely in the cloud. This enables developers to work with any device on one project without the need to have git repos on every device they work on.

The obvious bonus for developers is that you can use any device to access their “cloud development environment”. The secondary bonus is that they can have a development environment for each project so that there are no dependency conflicts between projects which can be an impact at times. For teams working on the same project the bonus is that everyone can have the same setup easily and new developers would get a pristine environment to work on, on day one.

Now with the Amazon Web Services acquisition I see that there is a bigger bonus for AWS developers coming down the pipeline from Amazon and I can’t wait for it.

Current Issues with AWS

Ok kind of misleading heading but hear me out. You can easily use most of Amazon products inline with most of your current development tools however some of the setups get a little odd. Their command line tool is great but generally you will still need to go into an IDE to do your development on. At that point you need to hook into the AWS products or if you are debugging there is a lot of areas that you will need to look into an debug individually.

Cloud 9 to the Rescue?

Amazon has built some little plugins for some IDEs but by purchasing one they could have entire control over it. This is what gets me excited.

In cloud, on demand IDE for all AWS products.

That would be a huge game changer. If it was possible to manage every aspect of AWS including simple copy and paste commands to connect to a Lambda function or put data into a Kinesis stream. The list is endless with all of their products. That would be huge.

Microsoft has already kind of did that with Azure and Visual Studio. Now it is AWS turn to provide an all inclusive IDE for their users.

What do you think? Is this a game changing move for Amazon?

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