Octopress and Jekyll on AWS Cloudfront

Octopress and Jekyll on AWS Cloudfront

So after seemingly endlessly playing around with trying to get my Wordpress blog to look the way I want it I decided to follow through with a totally different technology.

One website I came across in one of my ‘going down into the rabbit holes’ of the latest and greatest in tech in general was OctoPerf. Octoperf iscloud load testing built originally on JMeter.

OctoPerf has a detailed write up on how they chose to setup the blog. Since they are a performance testing company their logical choice was to chose the platform that provided the best performance. They went with Jekyll Hosted on Amazon Web Services CloudFront. Jekyll is a static site generator and CloudFront is Amazon’s CDN service. So in simpler terms they run static pages on a Global CDN.

After I read that article I had that idea floating in my head. One of the side benefits of running a static site completely from a CDN is that there is no central server that can crash.


I will admit that doing this is a bit overkill, however from my perspective it will force me to think critically on what gets added to my site. Using Wordpress I can easily add too many widgets and if there is a spike in traffic then it can all come crashing down. Which would be the worst.

TLDR: There is no such thing as overkill.
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