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Lowdown - Petra Boušková

If you haven't heard of Petra Boušková, you will soon enough. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the conference and decided to have a chat with her since she is an outgoing person to begin.

In my chat with her we discuss how she dealt with the technical issues with her presentation, the issues are not in the video though. And we talk about one of her side projects in showing how in reality the speakers are all nervous about their talks.

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch her presentation live, but once I did watch it there was only one flaw that I found in her presentation.

Watch it here and see if you can find the flaw.

Read more if you want to find out what the flaw is.

Petra's Talk

Watch the Low Down

She is an absolutely fantastic presenter who actually had props with her. It was a carrot but that was more than everyone else as far as I have seen so far. And that is a rarity at conferences in general.

I will figure out how to have props in my presentations.

She is actually a presentation skill consultant as well as a test coordinator. Talk about wearing a few different hats.

Panel Discussion

Petra was also in a panel discussion with other speakers as they share some of their horror stories. And there one story in particular that she share that is horrifying. You can watch that video here as well.

The Flaw

Ok so there is no flaw, there is a correction that is needed.

OK, fine "What's the correction?"

The Correction Ok not really a correction more of abstraction that can be applied.

Really Andrew you are really dragging this on, but "What's the abstraction?"

The Abstraction

Testers Everyone wants this motivation.

Testers Everyone wants to love their work.

Testers Everyone wants autonomy of their day.

Everyone wants to have passion for their work.


There will a point in time soon enough when you will meet strangers and ask them when did they learn about Petra.

Petra Boušková

You can follow her on Twitter @BouskovaPetra and LinkedIn

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